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Nowadays, as the developments in Genetic Science are proceeding at a dizzying pace, our center has been designed and constructed in the light of these innovations brought about by our century. In our center, by examining our samples with the latest technologies in the field of genetics, we give the patient and the physician the most accurate result in the fastest time

Our center communicates with the academic staff not only through the sample, but also with the patient himself and the physician who sends the sample, providing solutions supporting diagnose and treatment. At this point, our medical genetic physicians serving in our center, Assoc. Emre TEPELİ and Assoc. Ahmet ULUDAĞ is evaluated by our patients center and detailed individual genetic counseling service is offered free of charge.

Who Is Scared of Genetics

Both patients and clinicians often suffer from the complexity of their genetics. Rapidly expanding genetic testing, the place of genetics in the changing clinical diagnosis algorithms, and individual genetic diagnosis can be the cause of this complexity. For this reason our center offers clinic-specific genetic solutions. With the common algorithms to be determined, the patient is most likely to be diagnosed correctly. Our specialist team is ready to communicate with you 24/7.

There Is No Disease But Patient

This motto is one of the most emphasized points in lessons in medicine faculty. Developing individual-specific diagnosis and treatment is accepted today as a countervailing measure. In our genetic codes, this shows the correctness. For this reason, the results of the tests performed at our center are not in the form of reports compiled from the device outputs, but consist of epicrisis assessed by the patients’ clinic.


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